The World Best Property In Lekki – Phase 1 Veritas Island

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KingFord Homes has developed into a significant force in the real estate market and continued to be successful despite all odds. Lagos is not only a popular destination for people seeking a different lifestyle of perfect luxury and year-round sunshine but it is a metropolis city that has become the most sought-after market for luxury residential properties in Nigeria, with high-net-worth buyers snapping up million-dollar homes that cost at least 2 million dollars.


Kingford Homes is introducing the most desired property in Lekki Phase One—Veritas Island— a new era of luxury living, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, ensconced in a superb location. It boasts of large living areas, new automation that emits a sense of opulence and elegance, and a soaring exquisite trend of luxury features and amenities that have never been done in Lagos for a better living that will test every architectural imagination.

These spaces are designed to bring both residence and commercial buyers together fostering a sense of community and belonging. Veritas Island is slated to develop into a large estate that will offer a luxurious lifestyle to all residents thanks to innovative technological ways for better transportation, improved communication network, water supply, security, and waste management.


Veritas Island is still the top destination for real estate investment in terms of value, both for residential and commercial uses. Veritas Island, which has over 2000 plots and 125 hectares, is currently selling for as little as N350,000 per square meter, making it a prime candidate for a rapid return on investment. It is the only estate with the maximum level of sand filled when compared to Banana Island and every other estate. It is surrounded by a cluster of eight estates, including Pinnock and Nicon Town, Imperial City, Orange Island, Periwinkle, and Ostia Island. Floods are nothing to worry about during the wet season.Residents and guest can enjoy their time at Veritas Island in peace and quiet while they relax or take advantage of our many facilities like swimming, spa, soccer or basketball, etc.


Veritas Island, which offers top-notch accommodation facilities, will endure the test of time and be compared to the opulent real estate in Dubai and London. In the same way that the United States delivers Energy Star certified homes that are 10% more energy efficient than existing code requirements, the estate will provide energy-efficiency in terms of common components like insulation, water heating, and cooling systems. This breathtaking estate is the only place to look if you want to live in the lap of luxury. Plot your future in a progressive location here in Lekki phase One at Veritas Island.


With KingFord Homes, you can become a part of a neighbourhood that is made to be lived in, explored, and enjoyed by you and your loved ones.

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