We are a real estate brokerage, development, and investment advisory firm domiciled in Ikoyi, the most high-brow neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, with highly experienced affiliates in neighboring cities. At KingFord, we provide afforadable luxury home for every income earners, In Nigeria and Diaspora irrespective of their varying budgets.

We make dream of owning a home which meets the increasing demnd of the mordern-day urban architecture a reality with our process of aucioneering, valuing and mortaging of properties across Lagos and beyond for our clients hassle-free.


We sell a wide range of residential and commercial properties on behalf of both Private individuals and corporate clients across the Nigeria.


Our real estate finance practice focuses on the financing and refinancing of the sale, purchase, development and management of real estate assets of all types. our real estate finance team is diverse, with a culture of technical excellence on loan financings carefully built over the years.


A huge pressure is being mounted on the real estate sector across the globe, as rapid urbanization and the quest for re-urbanization are driving the business forward for investment cycles and capital market movements. consequently, the task of improving the performance of real estate, and offering service value is becoming more demanding.


We transform “ugly” houses into beautiful homes


acquire properties for our clients in desirable neighborhoods.


Smooth property sales across Lagos and beyond


Affordable Luxury Redefined

At Kingford Home we see a home as the most valuable investment, and the greatest necessity in the world of man. That is why our expert team curates the Nigeria’s most elite properties, matches them with qualified buyers, and facilitates an easy, market-driven transaction with proper documentation and valuing of each property.

90 Days Solution

The Kingford Homes Auctions 90-day solution would deliver a higher or Lower Net Present Value than the status quo, resulting in a time-certain sale, we add unmatched exponential reach, speed, and certainty. As a matter of fact we help sellers accomplish in as little as 90 days what can otherwise take years.

Highlink Royal Castle Development Estate

Luxury Embedded in Affordability

We maintain high levels of customer/client service, and ensure compliance with all state-based real estate laws. Our approach to real estate operations includes buying, renovating, and managing homes.


We operate consistently in accordance with a strong set of moral values and ethical guidelines.

WHY CHOOSE US?Experience

We provide top notch services and experiences throughout the entire customer journey while providing you with value for your money.

WHY CHOOSE US?Excellence

As certified Professionals, we are embedded with the responsibility of ensuring optimum satisfaction to every client.

WHY CHOOSE US? Team Spirit

With our line of professional business development executives who are always readily available ensure that no need is left unmet at all times.