Places To Live in Lekki: Discovering Lekki, a Lagos Premier Residential Haven 2024

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    PLACES TO LIVE IN LEKKI: Discovering Lekki, a Lagos Premier Residential Haven


Lekki is a beautiful city in Lagos state, Nigeria. Located in the south east of the heart of Lagos city. In 2006, Lekki was initiated and prepared by the Lagos state government. Lekki which covers a total area of 155 square kilometers at the easternmost end of the PENINSULA. The plan was to create a new modern city with a multi-functional economic zone. In 2008 it was later expanded into 600 square kilometers and it was decided into a Blue – Green Environment City. This plan was prepared by Messrs Dar al Handersah, Shair and partners, for Lagos state ministry of Urban Planning and Physical Development. 



               Lekki is known to be a city of luxury real estate and a serene environment. Also known for its upscale neighborhood, bustling social scene, and stunning properties making it a dynamic part of lagos. Lekki is growing rapidly with housing estates, shopping malls, restaurants and businesses making it a great place for families and young entrepreneurs. Lekki is always a vibe and a sought-after place to live in lagos. It stands out as a beacon of luxury. 

              A place where  both modernity and nature coexist beautifully. Lekki is divided into several unique areas, each with its own charm. It offers a diverse range of real estate options to cater to its residents. From its expansive, breathtaking curb appeal to its sleek, modern apartments in amazing locations, Lekki’s real estate scene is as varied as it is vibrant, making it a booming area for the real estate market. 

            Lekki Phase 1 being a peaceful neighborhood with its quiet corner of bustling city, to the contemporary vibe og Lekki Phase 2. This is to let you know that there is a place in Lekki to suit anyone and everyone’s taste.

          Lekki Phase 1 is a hot spot in the real estate market. It is easy to find a variety of properties including luxury apartments, duplexes, and even some sprawling mansion. There is something for everyone, from the modern minimalist to the lover of grandeur. Lekki Phase 1 features an abundance of facilities with curb appeal interiors. Top-notch schools, cutting edge medical facilities, and a wide range of shopping malls are just around the corner, making life in Lekki as convenient as it is luxurious. 

        Lekki has luxury apartments which includes The Pacific Lagos and Lekki Foreshore Waters. These properties feature an abundance of facilities and are located in prime areas. 

          There are so much wonderful place to visit in Lekki Phase 1;

  • The Nike Art Gallery a treasure trove of Nigerian culture. Filled with numerous and diverse collections of artworks from various Nigerian artists. It is a must visit in Lekki 
  • Lekki Market where you can find varieties of local crafts and food
  • Lekki Leisure Lake is a beautiful mind blowing spot for outdoor activities. Get together, enjoy the scenery, then this is an amazing vibe for such.
  • Lekki has beautiful and popular restaurants like Sky Restaurants, Nkoyo Restaurants, Circa, HSE Gourmet and many more are amazing places to eat amazing and luxury cuisine. 
  • Lekki Conservation Center, a beautiful park that offers a good breath of fresh air and a break from city life.
  • The Freedom Park offers a glimpse into Nigeria’s past, especially if you are into history. 
  • The Lekki Miami Beach Resort is another amazing and lovely place to unwind and relax with the amazing view of the ocean.
  • Lekki also has the Lekki Coliseum which is a popular spot for various gatherings and celebrations for those into social events and social activities. 
  • Elegushi beach is a beautiful spot to enjoy the ocean view just like the Lekki Leisure Lake.

  Life in Lekki is a blend of both relaxation and excitement. With vibrant nightclubs, serene beaches, amazing and trendy restaurants and parties, there is always something to do in Lekki or something happening in Lekki.

      With its diverse real estate options, strategic location, bustling and booming lifestyle, it is truly truly an amazing and wonderful choice for anyone seeking to blend comfort and luxury in a place like Lagos. Whether you are a growing family, young professional, Lekki has something to offer everyone. Lekki is a place where everyday feels like a getaway. 

        When it comes to luxurious residences, Lekki offers some of the most prestigious estates ranging from rented apartments to outrightly purchased houses, depending on what you can afford. Some of these estates that have earned a solid reputation for themselves are;

  1.  Pinnock beach Estate
  2. Northern Foreshore Estate
  3. Atlantic View Estate
  4.  Amen Estate
  5. Carlton Gate Estate
  6. Chevy View Estate
  7. Lekki Gardens Estate
  8. Friends Colony Estate
  9. Lekki Foreshore Gardens  

Most of these residential estates boast breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean, and the homes are beautifully designed with high security and full-service amenities. One of the many reasons Lekki has become a growing residential environment is because of its top-notch infrastructure. The roads are well maintained, and residents enjoy a round-the-clock electricity and water supply. In addition to these basic amenities, quality street lighting, recreational centers, banking institutions and food eateries are present for residents to enjoy. It’s no surprise that the Lekki environs is home to some of the most influential celebrities and socialites in Lagos.

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