The Economic Importance of Dangote Refinery in Lagos Real Estate 2023

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The Economic Importance of Dangote Refinery in Lagos Real Estate


The Dangote Refinery, located in Lagos, Nigeria, is poised to become a game-changer not only for the country’s oil and gas sector but also for the real estate market in Lagos. As Africa’s largest single-train refinery, the Dangote Refinery is expected to have a significant economic impact, attracting investments, generating employment opportunities, and driving the growth of the surrounding real estate sector. In this article, we explore the economic importance of the Dangote Refinery on Lagos real estate.

Dangote Refinery

  1. Increased Demand for Housing

The construction and operation of the Dangote Refinery will create a surge in demand for housing in the vicinity. With thousands of employees and contractors expected to work at the refinery, there will be a need for residential properties to accommodate the workforce. This increased demand for housing will lead to the development of new residential projects, such as apartments, townhouses, and gated communities, creating a vibrant real estate market in the area.

  1. Infrastructure Development

The establishment of the Dangote Refinery will drive significant infrastructure development in the surrounding areas. Improved road networks, transportation systems, and utilities will be necessary to support the refinery’s operations and accommodate the influx of workers and businesses. As a result, the value of real estate in these areas is likely to appreciate as investors and developers recognize the potential for growth and capitalize on the increasing demand.


  1. Commercial and Retail Opportunities

The Dangote Refinery is expected to attract various ancillary industries and businesses to the region. These include suppliers, logistics companies, service providers, and retail outlets catering to the needs of the refinery and its workforce. This influx of businesses will create a thriving commercial and retail sector, boosting the demand for commercial spaces such as office buildings, warehouses, and retail outlets. Real estate investors can seize this opportunity by investing in commercial properties in the vicinity of the refinery.


  1. Employment Generation

The Dangote Refinery project is a massive undertaking that will require a significant workforce during its construction and operational phases. The employment opportunities created by the refinery will attract workers from across Nigeria and even abroad. As a result, there will be a rise in the demand for affordable housing options, especially rental properties, to accommodate the workforce. Real estate developers can capitalize on this demand by investing in rental properties near the refinery, offering affordable and quality housing solutions.


  1. Boost to the Local Economy

The establishment of the Dangote Refinery will have a multiplier effect on the local economy. The influx of businesses, increased employment opportunities, and infrastructure development will spur economic growth in the surrounding areas. This growth, in turn, will positively impact the real estate market, leading to increased property values and investment opportunities.


  1. Attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

The Dangote Refinery project has garnered significant international attention and has the potential to attract foreign direct investment. Foreign investors may see the refinery as a catalyst for economic growth in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, leading to increased interest in the local real estate market. The influx of foreign investment can further stimulate the real estate sector, driving up property prices and creating opportunities for capital appreciation.



The Dangote Refinery in Lagos, Nigeria, is not only a landmark project in the country’s oil and gas industry but also a catalyst for economic development and growth in the real estate sector. With increased demand for housing, infrastructure development, commercial opportunities, employment generation, and a boost to the local economy, the refinery is expected to have a profound impact on the real estate market in Lagos. As an investor or homeowner, keeping a close eye on the developments around the Dangote Refinery presents an opportunity to capitalize on the economic importance and potential benefits

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